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Having not experienced acupuncture before, I was amazed at how calm I became and in such a short while. I am so pleased I plucked up courage and made the appointment. Thank you Ricky. I will be back next week.


M. Rees


My first experience of acupuncture has been truly uplifting and powerful - effective spiritually and physically. Ricky is professional, knowledgeable and exudes a calming persona.


K. Atkin


Had acupuncture with Ricky and he was amazing. Was so relaxing and made me feel very comfortable and made sure I was ok the whole time. Even had a little nap and think I may have drooled a little but he pretended not to notice. Highly recommended!


P. Robinson


Ricky is a genius!!! After been diagnosed with a life changing condition, impending surgery whilst working full time and doing the single mum thing, good sleep seemed a lifetime ago & only thing getting me through was prescription drugs. In just an hour with Ricky, I walked out feeling relaxed, calm, refreshed - basically back on form!!! He is kind, caring and put any nerves to rest. I cannot speak too highly of him or his skill, I'll be a frequent customer!





Five weeks ago I had a rather nasty fall and hurt my shoulder rather badly and was unable to lift my arm.  I was recommended to see Richard.


Not being fond of injections I was rather nervous. We first sat and talked about my fall and my health in general, and he soon put me at ease.


After the first treatment which lasted more than an hour, I felt really relaxed and certainly slept better.  I returned the following week, after this treatment I found quite an improvement in the movement of my arm.

I have had four treatments and now I am not in any pain. The movement in my arm is back to normal which is incredible considering how painful and uncomfortable it was.


Richard not only treats the problem but also your well being, he’s a very easy guy to talk to and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.


B. Hitchcock


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